Is Keir Starmer misremembering Labour’s 1997 victory? I was there, and we were radical

The opposition leader and his advisers are wrong if they think that Labour needs to water down policies on tax and the climate crisis to win again.

/ 10th October 2023

Britain’s aid budget could soon become little more than a slush fund for business

Rumours swirl around whether the 0.7% pledge will last. In the week DfID is abolished, there is real cause for concern.

/ 27th February 2021

The Guardian’s false allegations of antisemitism

Clare responds to false charges of antisemitism made by Guardian journalist Jonathan Freedland.

/ 10th July 2020

Covid-19: What the world can teach us

Clare reflects on the possible lessons to be learned from the Covid crisis.

/ 16th June 2020

The Creation of DFID

I imagine that most of the Dfid alumni were there when we established Dfid. It will be 25 years in 2 years time. I still feel proud of what we achieved together. The question of whether the Overseas Development Agency...

/ 26th May 2020

Preface to Engaging the World: The Making of Hamas’s Foreign Policy by Daud Abdullah

When Daud asked me to provide a preface for his book on Hamas foreign policy, I was keen to agree. This was partly because I respect his work on the question of Palestine. This is an issue that raises great...

/ 27th April 2020

Beyond Trump’s ‘deal of the century’.

Trump’s America with its current slogan, 'America First', will surely weaken US interest in the region. The growing tension between Europe and the United States might even lead Europe to an independent policy toward the Middle East.

/ 24th June 2018
American flag with blossom .

Chilcot a year on: UK still America’s poodle.

Clare Short argues that the Chilcot Report will not lead to any substantive changes to government and that the system that allowed Blair to subvert due process and constitutional custom has been left in place.

/ 10th July 2017
Iraq dawn landscape with silhouettes of morning prayer.

The shame of the Iraq War will live with me forever.

I tried to achieve better decisions on Iraq with the partial information available to me in a ministerial environment that was intolerant of calls for caution. I failed and this will live with me for the rest of my life.

/ 9th July 2016
Portrait of Tony Blair looking pensive.

Blair misled the country over Iraq. Something similar could happen again.

The Chilcot Report offers a devasting critique of the events that led to the Iraq War and argues persuasively that without sufficient safeguards, the same could happen again.

/ 7th July 2016
A pile of books.

The Chilcot Report will not give the people what they want.

The aim of the report is to learn lessons from past mistakes, but public expectation will be looking for blame. This clash of expectations may well lead to a sense of disappointment.

/ 5th July 2016
The Syrian flag.

The week that matters most for Syria and the world.

The international community is guilty of a grotesque lack of action and effectiveness on the humanitarian catastrophe currently embroiling Syria. For everyone's sake this must now be brought to an end. This article was written with Rt Hon. Andrew Mitchell...

/ 1st February 2016