Women with linked arms surrounding nuclear test plant.

Women and civil disobedience.

Clare Short's foreword to Righteous Anger by Juley Howards with Faith Moulin.

/ 19th August 2016
Piles of cash notes.

How can the international community do more to tackle corruption?

Clare Short offers a detailed study of the historic role that western governments have played in exploiting corruption in the developing world and outlines still-nascent efforts to forge a more transparent and equitable approach to resource extraction and trade.

/ 27th November 2015

Foreword to The Future of Security Sector Reform.

The role that international development can play in the reform of the security sector is a neglected topic. This important collection provides much interesting analysis for policy-makers and development advocates.

/ 1st November 2010

The forces shaping radical politics today.

The future of radical politics lies in a genuinely internationalist movement committed to global equity and reduced inequality at home. We must be ready to oppose the rightwing radicalisation of fear, ethnic hatred, racialism and class division.

/ 20th October 2009

The grave challenge facing the international humanitarian system: a personal view.

Introduction Following the end of the Cold War, two decades ago, the whole international system has been tested and found wanting. There have been more humanitarian emergencies, massively more UN peacekeeping operations and more conflict. There is a growing realisation...

/ 9th April 2009

American foreign policy in the Middle East.

We must all campaign, argue and hope that Obama has enough strength and courage to be able to break out of the stranglehold of American prejudice and insist on a two-state solution to Palestine and an equitable end to the...

/ 1st January 2009

Urban realities twenty-five years from now.

The growth of urban populations will not be halted whatever the policies of exclusion and neglect, but governments could damage the prospects for development that come with urbanisation if they get their policies wrong.

/ 1st January 2009

Soldiers Who Say No: Foreword.

This book gives voice to the troops fighting in Iraq: those who were brave and honest enough to refuse to fight in a war that they knew to be wrong.

/ 2nd June 2008

What England means to me.

There is much in English history that predates Empire and remembers occupation by the Romans or the Normans or celebrates the fight for freedom of religious belief, trade unionism, the vote and social reform. There are different historical emphases that...

/ 3rd February 2008

What happened to Labour’s left?

Labour’s Left was depleted by Tony Blair’s erosion of the party’s democratic structures. This prompted all those who were unhappy with new Labour to leave the party. This trend is not limited to Britain but in evidence across Europe. The...

/ 1st September 2007

Assessing a decade of this Labour government’s record on international development.

Labour’s establishment of the Department for International Development was a success and it remains one of the more influential and effective international development agencies. The great failure is that it is now being used more as a counterweight for a...

/ 1st April 2007

Global citizenship.

If we are to achieve a lest wasteful and destructive planet with a more equitable world order it is vital that we act now to avert human and environmental catastrophe.

/ 1st July 2006