Britain’s legal advice on the Gaza war should be published

It really is not good enough for Labour to call for the legal advice on Israel’s war on Gaza to be published, and not commit to publication of all such legal advice in future . I remember referring to the...

/ 8th April 2024

Israel-Palestine and international law

Clare sent the letter below to the Financial Times. It was not published. With all the hand wringing about long-term solutions to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, there is one important part of the answer that is hardly mentioned. The available solution...

/ 2nd December 2023

Only a new asylum convention can thwart the people smugglers

The proposal to send asylum seekers arriving by boat to Rwanda, in order to discourage future arrivals, is clearly abhorrent and unlikely to work. But those who ask what is the alternative raise an important question.

/ 4th August 2022

Labour’s route to power involves coalition with smaller parties

Labour claims, parroted by many well positioned commentators, that the party’s woes are all due to Jeremy Corbyn do not stand up to objective scrutiny (“Horror show in Hartlepool spells trouble for Starmer”, Report, May 8). If you go back...

/ 10th July 2021
Israeli flags at protest.

Misuse of ‘anti-Semitism’ charge silences debate.

The pro-Israeli lobby has intensified its efforts to class any critique of Israel as 'anti-Semitic'. This insults the historic record of true anti-Semitism and is designed to deflect criticism of Israel's constant breach of international law.

/ 10th April 2017
Rescued migrants at sea.

Put the criminal people-smugglers out of business.

By removing the requirement that asylum seekers must first arrive in the UK before seeking asylum and negotiating fixed asylum quotas in collaboration with other EU nations, we would be able to put criminal people-smugglers out of business.

/ 4th October 2016
Clare Short standing outside the Houses of Parliament.

Clare Short’s letter of resignation from the Parliamentary Labour Party.

Clare Short resigned from the Parliamentary Labour Party in 2006 and served the remainder of her parliamentary career as an independent Labour member in order that she could advocate for a hung parliament as a means to securing electoral reform.

/ 21st October 2006
Blair and Bush speaking in the oval office.

Correspondence with Malcolm Rifkin on the ‘special relationship’.

Clare Short discusses the UK's relationship with America with former foreign secretary, Malcolm Rifkin.

/ 15th November 2003
President George Bush 2 sat at cabinet meeting.

Letter to President George Bush.

Clare Short's letter to then President George Bush arguing that the war on terror is not working.

/ 12th November 2003
Clare Short walking in Handsworth Park, Birmingham amongst autumnal trees.

Clare Short’s letter of resignation from the Cabinet.

Clare Short resigned as Secretary of State for International Development in 2004 to protest the UK's involvement in the Iraq War and Blair's failure to commit to a post-war reconstruction framework.

/ 12th May 2003