Clare Short believes DFID’s 0.7% aid target could be cut

In a recent interview with Devex, Clare argues why she thinks the government is more likely to scrap the 0.7 percent spending target for aid than allow DFID to be merged with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

/ 11th March 2019
Houses of Parliament

The House Magazine interview.

Clare Short reflects on her time in Parliament and government and discusses her current activities as chair of numerous charities and NGOs campaigning for communities and groups in the developing world.

/ 12th March 2018
Sun rising over the sea.

A new dawn for British politics.

Clare Short talks Page 3, nationalism, and the future of the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

/ 23rd May 2017
African children in need.

We need to shake ourselves and mean it.

Clare Short speaks as chair of the Cities Alliance management board about the need to put housing at the core of solutions to urban poverty in the developing world. 

/ 17th October 2016
A road in Iraq.

Blair will never be forgiven for Iraq suffering.

Clare Short believes that Blair has lost the plot and will never escape 'crimes against peace'.

/ 3rd July 2016
Two large piles of documents in black and white.

Chilcot is longer than the Harry Potter books put together.

The Chilcot Report will be little read and fails to address the issue at the heart of the Iraq fiasco: the lack of constitutional oversight of decision-making procedures at the very top of government and the civil service.

/ 20th June 2016
Military jet plane in the sky.

Air strikes would not halt Islamic State.

Clare Short argues that air strikes will not be enough to stop Islamic State and end the refugee crisis.

/ 23rd September 2015
A close-up of the flames of a fire.

Why the civil service needs a ‘bonfire of the targets’.

Clare Short speaks to Civil Service World about her early experience as a civil servant in the Home Office and why she believes the system as a whole needs reform.

/ 11th September 2015
A burning torch in the night with ocean in background.

Shining light into the the darkness.

Mining and drilling are essential to the industrial world, but they are also linked to severe environmental and social damage, not to mention corruption.

/ 20th December 2013
Aid worker with several chuldren in a refugee camp.

How effective is overseas aid?

Clare Short discusses with economist Ha-Joon Chang the ringfencing of overseas aid and the prospects, in light of this, for development.

/ 14th December 2012
Clare Short discusses country-by-country reporting on the extractive industries and the role of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative.

Country-by-country reporting and the EITI.

Clare Short discusses country-by-country reporting on the extractive industries and the role of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative.

/ 9th May 2012
A windmill in African bush with sunset in background.

Interview with African Arguments.

Clare Short shares her current thoughts on development and foreign aid and discusses her work as Chair of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative.

/ 14th July 2011