Clare discusses charges of antisemitism within Labour

Last night Clare appeared on Newsnight to discuss the EHRC's decision to investigate allegations of antisemitism within the Labour Party.

/ 29th May 2019

Euro election results – commentary misleading

Time for a bit of clarity. Farage’s party got just over 30% on a just over 30% turnout. That is just over 10% of the electorate. Pro Remain parties got nearly 40% and if we add some of Labour’s votes...

/ 28th May 2019

Clare quoted in new billboard campaign

Clare’s thoughts on the nature of socialism have been featured in a political billboard campaign, created by the artist Martin Firrell.

/ 25th May 2019

Euro Elections – analysis of all polling

Polling indicates that the Conservative vote will collapse to Farage's Brexit Party, leading to the worst electoral share for a governing party since Gordon Brown's time as prime minister.

/ 10th May 2019

After the local elections – second referendum still possible

Despite neither May or Corbyn wanting a remain outcome to any second referendum, there is still a high chance of a confirmatory referendum if the House of Commons is able to agree to a Brexit withdrawal package.

/ 7th May 2019

Brexit – not as bad as it looks.

The general commentary on the House of Commons votes yesterday is that they said no to everything.  But that is not quite the reality. 

/ 28th March 2019

Willy Brandt – we need politicians like him again

Willy Brandt's career reminds us of times when there were inspiring political leaders.

/ 13th March 2019

Brexit – progress?

Mrs. May wins the title for blinkered stubbornness, some call it guts and determination.  From the start she drew hard red lines to please the extreme Brexiteers in her party.  They are strong and determined but a minority.

/ 13th March 2019

Briefly Brexit

The muddle and mess over how to handle Brexit has damaged the reputation of both parties and of politicians in general.  The fundamental lesson is surely that very complex questions cannot be properly answered by referendum; and that to give...

/ 24th February 2019
Orthodox Cathedral, Russia

Visit to Russia: notes from my travels

Clare offers an account of what she learned about Russian history, culture and politics on her recent visit to the Federation.

/ 14th October 2018
Aerial view of Tunis, Tunisia

Cities Alliance visit to Tunisia.

Clare describes her recent trip to Tunisia on behalf of the Cities Alliance.

/ 3rd October 2018

Clare’s book banned from the Guantanamo Bay detainee library.

Clare is very honoured to learn that her 2004 book An Honourable Deception? New Labour, Iraq, and the Misuse of Power is on the list of proscribed publications in the Guantanamo Bay detainees library. 

/ 28th August 2018