I was honoured to have been invited to the service of Hope to commemorate the attack on the Mosque on Monday last.  It was an extremely fine and moving occasion.

After a man shouting “I’m going to kill Muslims” drove a large van into the congregation leaving the mosque on 20th June, one man died and a number were badly injured .  The crowd prevented further injuries by overpowering the man and the Imam ensured he was not hurt but detained and then handed over to the police.

The ceremony of Hope was arranged at short notice to show all communities united against hate.  All religions were represented as well as the families of the injured, the police, ambulance, local authorities and local MP – Jeremy Corbyn.  The service lasted an hour, powerful, united and strong commitments to unity against terror were made.  The emergency services and local authorities were thanked strongly for their response to the crises.  All agreed that they were able to stand so strongly together because they had worked to create strong community bonds before the attack.

I thought it a fine example of how we should respond to attempts to create hate and division. I felt proud of London.

Photo credit: Ben Bashford.

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