The general commentary on the House of Commons votes yesterday is that they said no to everything.  But that is not quite the reality.  Both staying in the Customs Union and a referendum to choose to confirm the Brexit plan ( whichever comes out on top) or Remain came close to a majority.  There will be more votes, with less options on Monday.

Mrs May’s promise to resign if her deal was passed turned the votes of Boris and others to her deal but not the DUP and therefore not enough.  The Brexiteers who changed their view want to replace her with a conviction Brexiteer who would lead the negotiations on the trade deal that will follow the withdrawal agreement.  (This is a reminder that Brexit will not be over when the withdrawal deal is settled.  Unless we end up remaining , the negotiations on future relationships will go on for the next two years.)

The mess we are in is still primarily Theresa May’s responsibility.  She drew hard red lines right at the beginning which ruled out any flexibility.  The Commons vote on options should have taken place months ago.  She would not permit it.

Fingers crossed for Monday, a soft Brexit or a referendum and Remain are still possible

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