I went recently to Berlin and visited the Willy Brandt exhibition on Unter den Linden.  It reminds you of the times when there were inspiring political leaders.  As a young man from a poor background he opposed the Nazis and had to leave Germany for Norway then Sweden to escape arrest.  He covered the Spanish Civil War and the Nuremberg trials as a journalist.  He then went back to Berlin and became the Mayor.  He was a reformer for social justice and peace with the Soviets but did not favour the Soviet system.  He became Chancellor and brought in major reforms.  He lived to see the Wall come down and the crowds from East and West Berlin chant his name.

He stood down as Chancellor because a Stasi agent was found to be heading his office.  He then worked for peace and development through the Socialist International and chaired the Brandt Commission which advocated a massive new effort to promote development and reduce poverty in the world.

Don’t miss the exhibition if you go to Berlin.

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