I am not doing anything in the election – apart from voting – I comprehensively burnt my boats with the Labour Party after Iraq. Jeremy cannot win ( Labour lost 41 seats in Scotland and will not get them back) but he is doing very well. He really has learnt and grown. The woman who cuts my hair who didn’t like him at first  said all the attacks have made him stronger. I think his office and those who brief him have improved too.

What can be achieved is the Tories end up without an overall majority and then a progressive coalition could take over. I think that would be great. The SNP have some very good people. Alex Salmon would make a very good Foreign Secretary. For the Greens Caroline Lucas is great. There would be a Welsh Nat and a Liberal. I think that would be a better Cabinet than just Jeremy with his allies. Modern parties are so centralised and controlling they don’t  allow for a pluralism of opinion and proper discussion and everything gets dominated by the 24 hour news cycle which concentrates all power in the leaders office and gives great leverage to the Murdoch press etc.

So tactical voting is important and here’s hoping.

Photo credit: Coventry City Council

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