I have said many times that whoever the leader is, Labour cannot win, having lost 40 seats in Scotland.  But it is still very important to reduce the Tory majority as much as possible.  Mrs May with an overwhelming majority is a scary idea.  Her instinct is a hard, fast Brexit which could be very damaging. And there will be more and more cuts with the public services already struggling.  Some Tories call her Kim Jong- May!

May is controlling and inflexible rather than strong as she claims.  Her u-turns show this.  First on the budget and the date of the election and now on the question of paying for social care. My generation has seen a complete unearned windfall as house prices have grown massively. Her suggestion that people pay for care in old age after they die through the value of their house up to the last £100,000 is a good idea.  When my generation dies our children will be in their 50s and 60s.  They will not need housing and if some inherit the unearned windfall it will increase inequality badly.  Care for the frail elderly has to be paid for.  Using the unearned value of houses seems to me a very good idea.  But as soon as there is a bit of criticism from the Tory grass roots, she announces she will cap the payment to be taken.  And then claims nothing has changed!

I had my hair cut yesterday and my hairdresser said that Corbyn had been attacked so much she thought it had made him stronger.  I agree that he has come across much more strongly since the election was called than he did in the previous two years.  It is notable that the polls between the Tories and Labour have narrowed to as little as 5%.  This would give May a small overall majority.  I read Corbyn’s speech on foreign policy and agreed with it.  I then watched him being interviewed very toughly by Andrew Neil and I thought he handled himself well.

The election has become more interesting.

Photo credit: Andy Miah.

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